Casablanca Events

Established in 2011, Casablanca Events is based in Melbourne Australia.


Casablanca Events Pty has been creating, managing and organizing various events across the country. 


Vida Sydney Latin Summer Festival (April 2020) New event

Arriba! Melbourne Mexican Festival (October) New Event

Vida Melbourne Latin Summer Festival (January) 

*Melbourne Latin Summer Festival  2013 to 2019.


The biggest Latinoamerican festival in Australia with over 40,000 patrons every year.

St Kilda Latin Festival (February)

*St Kilda Latin Festival 2018

*St Kilda Latin Festival 2019

Colombian Independence Festival (July)

*The  Colombian Independence Day Festival 2009 to 2016.

International performances:

Suso el Paspi (2018)

Maelo Ruiz (2013)

Nejo and Dalmata (2014)

Andres Lopez (Support in Melbourne) (2014)

Juan Luis Guerra (Support in Melbourne) (2015)


Madre Monte Band Supporting:

Choc Quib Town (2011)

La 33 (2013)

Grupo Niche  (2013)

Juanes (2018)



Our Cruises:

*Melbourne Latin Summer Cruise (January)   

*Salsa Moonlight Latin Cruise (March)

*Docklands Salsa Cruise (Jun)

*Halloween Latin Cruise (October)